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Performance Media

Media planning and buying is rooted in our single-minded mission to convert consumer intentions into revenue for our clients. Our extensive experience in offline &online media, digital exchanges and addressable ad units has nurtured a philosophy of integration across channels for maximum performance and a rigorous test-and-learn CPA methodology for direct impact campaigns.

Planning “Experiences”

Ira Media embraces every dimension, linking social, mobile, offline and online, creating a global, convergent world where consumers and content come together in real time, on platforms and traditional devices. In such way, we build powerful connections between brands and people, generating emotions and trust; A unique, customized brand experience.

Holistic Media Strategy

Today’s consumer is more complex, empowered and omnichannel than ever. That’s why we don’t buy media. We buy all the touch points, from own media of sale, in order to exceed consumer expectations with relevant, engaging and personalized communications, 24/7. How? With custom marketing tools and strategic experts that analyse:

  • real audience insights
  • real behavioral analysis
  • real-time brand measurement and placement

Brands as Publishers

We bring together talented designers, copywriters and developers to produce online and offline content that will attract maximum engagement and boost customer conversion rates. We focus on transforming the brand into a publisher by injecting it into the daily conversations with content that is relative, memorable, useful, shareable and consumer-centric.



Speed to market is key to performance. The automation of our proprietary Brand Intelligent cross-channel reporting platform, coupled with human intelligence, enables us to quickly turn data into insights. We are then able to optimize faster, pouncing on performance.

  • We develop research and insights to better understand the groups and the social motivations of the people that we want to talk to and influence in new spaces.
  • We move away from exposure and touch points, focusing on the value, the quality and the intensity of the connections that we trigger in the consumer world. We measure the reaction and evaluate the impact of brands.
  • We innovate to solve business challenges. Innovation is the central pillar of our agency. Ira Media has privileged partnerships with organizations across the market. We help our clients grasp the future opportunities.
  • We serve and coordinate client business intelligent platform.

Executive Tools

The future insnt far; the future is now.

Every day, the look & feel and function of marketing is transforming radically – and so the means to keep up must be transforming too. In the moments of blue ocean strategies, martech approach and cumulative advantages, Ira Media has developed custom marketing tools and annual studies for different market sectors such us:

  • Healthcare Media Map
  • Women in Greece
  • Greece in numbers

Smart Media Buying

Executive Barter Deals for extra media air time.

Investment Optimization ensuring the best performance & the lowest rates.

Local Deals with regional media for Extra Discounts.

Custom Media Tools in different markets for buying optimization.

High-end Digital & 3D Media Lab

We bring a digital, new life to traditional touch-points. Our online development, Social, PPC and SEO teams place the brand content directly in front of the eyes of the taget audience. Combining content strategy and technical know-how, we achieve optimal results and enhanced customer experience.


Media Lab
Our fully-owned subsidiary 3D Media Lab brings digital innovations to out-of-home/outdoor advertising, transforming it into experiential marketing by deploying a series of wow impact specific solutions, particularly suitable for events and point-of-sale marketing. Through our innovative technology, we develop new digital media based on core communication plan. These range from the well-established media, such as interactive screens and VR to cutting-edge hologram solutions.